For Authors – Books, Events, Etc.

We love to support authors, especially local authors, by carrying your books and organizing events.  If you are an author and looking to have us carry you book and partner with you on an event, please read below.  We particularly love to have authors stop in the store and sign copies of your books (especially if you are just visiting the Okemo Valley). And to be honest, if you are a local author and you want us to support you by carrying books and organizing events, we appreciate you shopping with us on occasion (and sending your friends to shop with us as well).


We endeavor to carry as many books as possible, especially local Vermont authors, but we are small shop with limited space, so we cannot carry everything.  We will take a look at books offered to us to review and figure out if it fits in with the rest of our selection of books. Unfortunately, we cannot say yes to all books to sent to us. If interested, we will then make a decision to either to purchase copies of the book or offer a consignment agreement for the book.  Please send information on books to


We do a couple of events each month.  We happy to discuss opportunities for us to host events.  Our decision to host an event will be dependent upon our estimation of what the interest in the community will be for the book and how it fits into the types of books that we carry.  If we think there is enough interest, we can organize events ranging from an in store signing to in store reading and discussion to an offsite author talk.  We tend to partner with the community area libraries on events – Cavendish Fletcher Community Library, Fletcher Memorial Library, and the Mt Holly Library.  Please send information on event opportunities to We have also partnered with Okemo Mountain Resort on events, with our more successful ones being books related to skiing.  Please send information on events to