Recommended Read: The Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis brings his visual storytelling skills honed from his comic and graphic novel work, his obsessions with present and future technology, and his flair for fast paced dialog to a novel that is part modern police procedural, part CSI drama, part serial killer monologue, and part techno thriller. What starts out as a really bad day for Detective John Tallow, as he sees his partner shot dead in front of him, suddenly becomes a potentially career ending day with his discovery of an apartment full of guns that lead back to a host of unsolved murders. The plot moves forward at a relentless pace. Ellis gets you inside the heads of all the characters, including the psychotic serial killer who has composed the room full of weapons. I think it should appeal to those readers who like their cops a little damaged and self-destructive as well as those who likedĀ  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I hope that Ellis continues to explore this fascinating cast of characters in future books. ~Scott